Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Welcome to Silver Investor

This is a blog about my new obsession. That is investing in Silver predominantly, but also in other precious metals including gold. I have always speculated and even gambled, sometimes quite successfully. But after a little inward thinking and now with children to provide for my mind has turned to long term investment and leaving a financial legacy that will support my family when I am gone. Enough of the morbid stuff already.. Here's what this blog is going to be about.

I started to look at Silver investing, quite literally stumbled upon it on the internet. I have always had an interest in investing, followed the stock market and I always felt that I was drawn to real things. When I say real things, I mean commodities, companies that produce real things. I was always drawn to mining stocks, keen to follow the history and performance of miners and their mines. Was it the speculation? Maybe. Was it precious metals? Perhaps. I had always had an interest in precious metals, minerals and such like. I digress.

I stumbled upon a book on Amazon Audible called Buy Gold, Stack Silver. I remember playing it in my car whilst on my way to a meeting. The drive was some three hours and by the time I had got to that meeting I was hooked. All I wanted to do was to get home and buy some Silver. The book was American, I later found out that the laws were different over in the US. No surprise I here you say, but as I delved into the differences and recommendations from that author and others I started to find myself obsessively learning about the subject of precious metals, predominantly focusing on Silver. 

I felt like I have learned a lot on my journey so far, my stack is starting to well.. Stack. And to continue my obsession I thought I should start a blog to pass on what I have learned (and stop me obsessively searching the web for new shiny things to buy).

On this blog I am going to share what I have learned. Using my skills as a buyer (professionally, not a commodities trader) I will share some of the disciplines that I am using to maintain title as investor (and not collector). I will also tell you about how I am protecting myself from fakes, frauds and those on the internet keen to cash in on the wood-be investor. 

Thanks for reading and again welcome to my Silver Investor blog. Be sure to sign up for regular updates. Thanks! 

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